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For more than 60 years, Enterprise Holdings Inc. has worked to deliver a best-in-class car rental experience that builds the trust and confidence of our customers.

As we have grown, we have developed a broad network of longtime business partners – including automotive manufacturers – as well as suppliers to help us achieve our vision of excellent customer service. They also share our values and keep our business strong and successful on a global scale.

For example, Enterprise Holdings is partnering with the world’s largest oil re-refiner at our North American airport operations, and has already recycled more than 11 million gallons of used motor oil. As a result, in 2017, the Ethical Corporation honored Enterprise Holdings as a Responsible Business Awards finalist in the “Supplier Engagement of the Year” category. Click here to view video: “Closing the Loop on Oil Consumption at North American Airports.”

Supplier Diversity & Code of Conduct

At Enterprise Holdings, responsible supply chain management means that we select partners who share our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality, integrity, excellence, safety, legal compliance, and regard for human rights, as well as to respecting the customs and culture of the communities we serve.

In addition, we seek a supplier base that bears a reasonable relationship to the communities in which we do business by identifying and encouraging equal opportunities for minority-owned, women-owned and other types of socially or economically disadvantaged small businesses.

  • To submit information about your company, please use the Supplier Registration Portal.
  • To learn more about our Supplier Diversity efforts, please review program details – English, Canadian French
  • To learn more about what is expected of suppliers, please review our global Supplier Code of Conduct. All of our suppliers should share a common understanding of the Code, and adhere to its spirit and intent.
  • Click here to read Enterprise Holdings' statement detailing actions taken to understand potential forced labor and human trafficking risks related to our business and that of our subsidiaries and their supplier network.